Logitank manufactures a complete range of containerised and self bunded storage tanks for a range of fluids. Our tanks are built to the dimensions of ISO shipping containers and are therefore transportable via rail, road or sea.

Logitank  is capable of manufacturing up to 90 tanks per month; with tanks shipped directly to required location.


Logitank applies the latest generation of hi-tech manufacturing strategies to our complete product range, enabling Logitank to supply you with innovative hydrocarbon storage and transport solutions.

Delivered across global infrastructure; all of our solutions are designed, built, and manufactured by in-house expertise.

Fuelco is part of the Eredyne Group supplying a complete range of fuel and lubricant storage systems & dispensing equipment delivered across Australia.

Fuelco provides complete fuel and servicing facilities from engineering and design through to installation, commissioning and training; with maintenance and servicing also part of the broad range of products and services.

Our research and development team are constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure our products feature the latest components and technology.

If you have any questions please contact one of our team directly. We look forward to helping your business improve productivity through our comprehensive range of self bunded tanks.


The Manufacturer … Manufacturing a complete range of self bunded (double wall) fuel & lubricant storage tanks.


The People … A team of specialists providing complete fuel and lubricant storage solutions for your business.